Playground Safety Inspections

Certified Playground Inspections

The State of Michigan requires the following for all licensed child care facilities.

  1. All outdoor play area and equipment should be maintained in a safe condition, and inspected daily.
  2. Keep the outdoor play area protected from hazards by fence or natural barrier that is at least 48” high.
  3. Shaded areas must be available in summer.  
  4. If used, there must be suitable surfaces for wheeled vehicles and pull toys.  
  5. Equipment must be age-appropriate.  
  6. Trampolines may not be used.  

The equipment in the outdoor play area shall comply with the guidelines of the 2010 edition of the Handbook for Public Playground Safety.  Compliance with this rule can be verified by:  

  1. a written statement/certificate from the equipment manufacturer or installer,or
  2. a report by a certified playground safety inspector, or
  3. a written statement from the licensee that the equipment will not be used (if verification of compliance with the Playground Equipment Safety Act cannot be produced).


We have performed playground inspections of hundreds of playgrounds all across the state of Michigan.  We are certified by the N.R.P.A. and approved by the State of Michigan for playground inspections of all licensed child care facilities.