32 Gallon Rain Bonnet Top

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The 32 Gallon Gain Bonnet Top is a useful lid for any of our 32-gallon trash receptacles which helps keep rain out of the trash bags. If there is anything smellier than garbage it’s wet garbage, which is what can happen if open-topped trash cans are left outside during the rain. Luckily, this inevitable occurrence for outdoor receptacles can be avoided by using a lid which covers the can’s opening. This formed steel bonnet covers the small entrance to the trash can so that rain doesn’t fall directly into it. It is suspended atop three tall legs which hold the bonnet high enough above the opening that guests can easily fit their waste underneath it. And unlike trash can lids with spring-closing lids, there is no need for guests to touch any potentially gross surfaces of the lid. It comes in all of the same exciting color options that our receptacles do, allowing you to mix and match your color choices.