32 Gallon Steel Dome Lid



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The 32 Gallon Steel Dome Lid is a convenient and durable lid which fits over both our 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Perforated Steel and 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Diamond Pattern. It has a rounded shape that helps prevent water from building up on it, and also makes it more noticeable so that guests will be able to find it easily. This shape of lid also allows the trash can to reach its full capacity, and makes it less likely to overflow. The metal lid is extremely strong, which makes it resistant to tampering by humans or scavenging animals. It also seals tightly to keep rain and moisture from getting in and bad smalls form getting out. The dome has a spring-loaded door that stays closed when not in use, meaning trash will be protected and completely contained. The wide shape fits directly over the opening of the trash cans.