32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Perforated Steel



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The 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Perforated Steel is a sturdy and convenient trash can which provides a reliable place for guests to your area to dispose of their trash. It is easy to install, and sturdy enough to withstand any outdoor conditions all year round. The perforated steel casing is coated with a layer of high-quality thermoplastic which makes it resilient to rust, corrosion, and vandalism. The coating is also stain-proof and very easy to clean, meaning it will require little maintenance. The 32-gallon capacity of the receptacle also means that it will not need to be emptied frequently. This package does not include the trash can lid, plastic liners, and mounting hardware needed to complete it. However, all of these items are for sale separately from our website, allowing you to choose the ideal finishing touches to complete your receptacle.