8 feet high Modern Bipod Wheelchair Swing

Model Number: 381-404H
Safety Zone: 20′ x 32′
Unit Size: 8′ x 8′
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In the true spirit of making playground equipment fun and accessible for everyone, the concept of wheelchair swing was introduced. This is especially designed for juveniles or adults who need a wheelchair constantly. There are both permanent models of this swing and portable ones as well. These accessible swings can easily accommodate all kinds of wheelchairs that include motorized ones too. People can easily get on and off the platform with the assistance of front and rear ramps. Users can also propel themselves with the help of the pull chain that is optional. If someone in your house uses a wheelchair, you can buy this swing set and give him or her a way to have fun without depending on anybody.
Must be Secured from General Public Use
Age Range: All Ages, Wheelchair Users Only