Arched Polyethylene Fabric Shade Bench Attachment



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These beautifully designed fabric bench attachments to provide shade are compatible with most Webcoat branded benches. Contact for a list of compatible bench models. The Webcoat bench frame should be 2-3/8-inch in diameter for proper set up to the attachment. Only fits Webcoat brand benches. The fabric shade provides shade from harmful Ultra Violet rays and helps to prevent skin cancer. The polyethylene fabric is attached with an arched frame to provide maximum protection of the user. However, these shade attachments are not recommended for portable benches, as the shade should prove to be top heavy and fall over. The Arched Polyethylene Fabric Shade Bench Attachments come in exciting frame colors to match any Webcoat site amenity. The fabric is available in beige, blue, green, and yellow.