Bamboo Climber


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Don’t settle for plain, ordinary, and boring steps, ladders, and climbers for your play structure – choose the extraordinary Bamboo Climber to give any play structure a unique and playful flair! The climber is made from strong and durable material that is molded to look like real pieces of bamboo that have been roped together to make a ladder. The molded rungs that make up the steps of the climber are placed closely together, so it is easy for both little and big kids to climb up and down. Since the rungs of the climber are molded to look like bamboo, they have grooves. These grooves not only give the climber an authentic look, but provides traction and grip as children climb up the climber. The climber can be attached to the platforms of play structures. The climber is designed with a slight curve that leads up from the ground to the platform of the play structure. The Bamboo Climber gives playground structures a bit of realistic treehouse flair.