Craggy Series Arch Ladder End

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The Craggy Arch Ladder End is a wonderful end piece to any play Craggy Climber structure that you design. Made of durable galvanized steel that will last in any weather condition without corrosion, the Craggy Arch Ladder End provides children with a different sort of climbing challenge. It attaches firmly to the edge of any Craggy Climber Straight, Turn, or End section, and offers an alternate way to reach the top. Its wacky curved shape will challenge intrepid kids to climb as far as they can, while gravity makes the climb more and more difficult. Only the most nimble children will make it all the way to the last rung on their first try. Be sure to install a proper playground surface, like rubber or wood mulch, when putting in any climbing playground structure. The Craggy Arch Ladder End comes with a baked on powder coat of paint which can be customized in a number of vibrant colors.