Craggy Series Climb ‘N Slide Section


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The Craggy Climb ‘N Slide Section Is a versatile connector piece which is necessary for adding a slide to any Craggy Climber structure. This narrow archway has a small flat platform which serves as the entry point for children to sit and prepare to push themselves down the slide. The platform is 5 feet high, making it a moderately sized slide which large enough for kids to find it exciting, but small enough that they will easily be able to climb back up to it again and again. The space underneath the arch provides a quick passage for them to get back to the entrance. The side of the platform opposite to the slide has a place for connecting a metal climber, such as the Craggy Hoop Climber, for an easy way to allow children to reach the top. The left and right sides of the archway connect to any Craggy Climber rock wall or connector pieces, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the wall, and giving it a sturdy and fun structure to support, enclose, and complement it.