Craggy Series Hoop Climber


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The Craggy Hoop Climber has an imaginative design which provides a fun way for kids to get around. This piece is designed to be the perfect way to reach the top of a Craggy Climb N’ Slide Section, and is essential if you plan to incorporate a slide into your Craggy Climber structure. The curved bars make footing more difficult and interesting than a standard arched ladder, allowing children to imagine that they are ascending a column of bubbles. The minor added challenge of the circular rungs makes the climb more exciting so that each journey up to the slide isn’t exactly the same, so that kids appreciate the ride down even more. It is made from durable steel with a galvanized finish that protects it from rust, corrosion, and weather. Like the other Craggy components, this piece comes in a variety of exciting color options so that you can fully customize the appearance of your structure.