Craggy Series Mountain Climber End


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The Craggy Mountain End Climber is a great way to cap off a Craggy Climber rock wall. It attaches easily to either the Craggy Climber Straight Section or Turn Section. It offers a nice bit of variation to the other Craggy Climber pieces because its metal climbing bars create a nice contrast to the plastic rock walls. Its design features a vertical ladder as well as ‘steps’ that can be climbed while holding onto the top railing. Its shape also allows kids to climb directly to the top of the rock wall, creating a faster alternate path. It also provides a convenient exit once kids have climbed all the way to the edge of the rock wall, and allows them to disembark without getting in the way of children eager to start climbing. It uses durable steel materials, and connects to the Craggy Climber piece in seven places, to ensure that it stays intact and standing for years.