Curved Net Climber



Model Number:

Age Range:
5-12 years
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
13′ 1” x 19′ 5”
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The Curved Net Climber is an interesting climbing structure which is unlike any other. Its specialized climbing net seems to impossibly curve in one direction, which is an illusion created by its metal frame. The net features rectangular holes which are rigid enough for users to easily stand on them and pull themselves up. The curved climbing surface makes it more interesting to climb on, especially when moving from one side to the other. The shape also means that climbing one side of it is slightly harder than climbing the other, allowing children to adjust their own difficulty level. This is also a perfect piece for highlighting the corners and boundaries of your play area. Since the net is transparent and thin, it does not take up much space or block much of the surrounding area from view. The outer frame and support posts of the net can be treated with a coating of powder-based paint in a wide selection of available colors.