Double Parallel Bar Ladder



Model Number:

Age Range:
5-12 years
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
16′ 2″ x 20′
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The Double Parallel Bar Ladder contains two overhead bars which are in line with each other. This creates a much more interesting and versatile climbing environment than a standard overhead ladder with individual rungs. The long parallel bars allow children to move at their own pace, since they can reach as far forward as they are comfortable, rather than having to reach for the next rung each time. Since there are two bars, kids can hold onto one of them with each hand, to better distribute their weight. They can also move back and forth from one bar to the other, or even allow others to pass them as they climb. This expands the Double Parallel Bar Ladder’s maximum capacity, allowing more children to enjoy playing on it at the same time. This unique climbing structure can be made even more interesting by decorating it with custom color options.