Double Station Pendulum Swing with Leg Lift

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Age Range:
13 years +
Product Type:
Double Station
Unit Size:
4′ 3" x 5′ 8"
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Get two exercises for one with this Double Pendulum Swing and Leg Lift. The swing on either side is a great way to work flexibility and agility with each leg and the grips and handles will make it easy to hang on while you do so. The leg lift is another great way to work out your legs on one machine and build strength. It’s durable galvanized steel construction can stand up to just about anything you can do on it and also means it can be put inside or outside. It also has a solid base able to stand up to multiple uses and swings. A great addition to any workout routine, center or outside fitness trail, the Double Pendulum Swing and Leg Lift is a great way to get a whole leg workout at once. It’s available in the neutral colors shown and is designed for easy assembly.