Downtown Side Opening Trash Receptacle with Flattop



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A truly well made trash receptacle is convenient not only for the ones who use it, but for the ones who own and maintain it as well. This Downtown Side Opening Trash Receptacle has a built-in door on one side which makes it easy to simply remove and replace the trash bag without having to hoist it up through the top of the lid. Trash bags in a receptacle such as this one, with an impressive 32-gallon capacity, can be quite heavy. Because of this, the side opening is a feature that will be very much appreciated by those maintaining it. The outer frame is made from highly durable steel, which is protected by a weatherproof coating that prevents rust, making its maintenance simple and convenient as well. Our standard coating does a great job of protecting the metal, but for added strength we also offer a specialized Advantage Coating which comes with a seven year warranty.