Elephant Stair


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Make your play structure unforgettably fun with the Elephant Stair. This stair option is a cute and creative choice for granting access to your play structure from the ground. The stairs are molded to look like an elephant that is kneeling down, offering an invitation for children to climb up his back and on to the play structure. Children will love clamoring up and down the elephant’s back in their play. The trunk of the elephant is turned up, pointing the way to the handles that extend off the elephant’s back, so that children can hold on to the handles as they climb up the stairs. These handles will prevent children from slipping and injuring themselves as they climb up to have fun. The stairs also have ridges molded into them to create traction and prevent slipping. The Elephant Stair is a great way to make your play structure more appealing in a cute and fun way.