Elite Cantilever Swing – 2 Bay 2 Cantilever



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The Elite Cantilever Swing with Two Bays and Two Cantilevers is an advanced swing set with a unique design that is made to accommodate young and old children alike. The two central bays each house a pair of swings which hang from long chains to grant them a large range of motion. The two swings beneath the cantilevers at the edges have shorter chains with more spaced-out hangers for a slower, more gentle ride. The set comes standard with six black plastic seats with steel inserts that make them incredibly robust. Four of them are belt seats, designed to be streamlined and support riders of all ages, and two are enclosed bucket seats designed to safely contain and support small riders who might have difficulty hanging on. However, it can also be ordered without any chains or seats, so that you can attach any swings you prefer to the frame (other great swing seat options are available on this site). Contact one of our representatives for more information about custom seat and color options.

Use Zone: 32′ x 43′ 5″