Elite Tripod Swing – 8 feet Top Rail Height



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The Elite Tripod Swing with an 8-foot Top Rail Height is an excellent playground swing that kids of all ages can enjoy. Its 8-foot height makes it the shortest model in its product line, but still tall enough to allow kids have a great time swinging fast and far. The legs and top rail are all made form extremely sturdy galvanized steel bars, which can support tremendous amounts of weight without bending, and are resistant to rust and corrosion. A variety of customization options are available from our website so that you can find the ideal set of swings for your park, playground, or outdoor space. Up to four bays can be ordered as part of a single set, so you can fill as much space as you have available with swing sets. Each bay can support two separate swings. The set can also be ordered with chains and black plastic belt seats included, or without them, so that you can choose any combination of seats to go with the frame.

Safety Zone: 1 Bay (32′ x 31′); 2 Bay (32′ x 43′); 3 Bay (32′ x 55′); 4 Bay (32′ x 67′)