Freestanding Ball Maze Panel with Posts

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Age Range:
2-12 years
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None required
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The Freestanding Ball Maze Panel will have children fascinated as they turn the maze around and watch the ball navigate the nooks and crannies of the maze. It is an intricate labyrinth that starts at the outer parts of the circle and works its way toward the middle. Children can try to guide the ball through the maze by turning it, or just spin the maze and see where the ball lands and which path it will take next. The maze is deceptively challenging, but can be solved more and more quickly with some practice. The 3.5-inch galvanized steel posts provide a solid foundation for this structure, while the durable rotationally molded plastic of the panel itself is strong enough to withstand any long-term outdoor conditions. It can be added to any play structure or used on its own. It is available in the colors shown.