Freestanding Spelling Panel with Posts

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Age Range:
2-12 years
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Safety Zone:
None required
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The Freestanding Spelling Panel with Post allows kids to continue learning during playtime while still having fun. The panel features a simple word game with three rotating wheels of letters, which can spell out different words. Some examples are printed onto the board of the panel to get children started, but there are a tremendous amount of other possibilities. Young learners will challenge themselves to come up with as many three-letter words as possible with the available letters, and then challenge their friends to come up with more. The game encourages them to test themselves, rather than assigning mandatory problems, which makes it a particularly good learning tool. This is a great activity for promoting the development of spelling and vocabulary. The panel is easy to install on any playground, since it does not require any safe use zone, and the built-in posts mean that no additional structures are needed to set it up.