Gable Roof


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Not only does the Gable Roof act as an accessory to your play structure, but it also provides shade and protection from the sun for children. It is important that children are protected from the harsh sun while they are playing, and that is why this roof is such a good choice to add to your play structure! Besides protecting children from the the sun, the roof will also protect children from the rain. The roof is made out of material that is strong and durable. The frame of the roof is shaped like a 3D pentagon with a semi-circle opening that goes through the middle. Two side panels lay on the frame to make the roof. The material is molded to look like realistic wooden pieces that have been fitted together to make up the roof. The grooves that are molded into the roof work as a drainage system so that water can easily run off the roof. Make any play structure more homely while also protecting children from the sun with the Gable Roof.