Galvanized Steel S-Hook

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Model Number:PCS010
Product Type:Swing Set Parts


A swingset is only fun if you’re able to swing on it. The Galvanized Steel S-Hook (3/8 x 3-1/5-inch) is the perfect connector between the swing chain and the set itself. The S-Hook comes wide open to make sliding a chain on and attaching the swing to a set easy. The hook can be tighted using a special S-Hook tool that ensures that the piece is fully closed and meets ASTM standards for a safe playground. Any part of a swing spends an inordinate amount of time in rain, snow or even high temperatures. This can wear down most pieces of playground equipment, but our S-Hook is made from galvanized steel to extend its life even after facing such harsh daily elements. Match with our swing chain and other swing hardware to get your swingset in tip-top shape.


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