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Age Range:
5-12 years
Child Capacity:
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
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Safety Zone:
28′ 11" x 45′ 7"
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The Irvine play structure has a truly unique design which is sure to challenge children physically and creatively in ways that very few other structures can. The first thing that stands out is its collection of overhead climbers, which encourage children to improve their upper body strength while they play. There is an Overhead Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder and an Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder which can be used to access the base of the structure. There is even a Single Overhead Spinner, which kids can hang from while rapidly twirling around in place. The zany Inverted Arch Climber and highly detailed Rock Hole Climber offer even more fun and unexpected climbing activities, and can be used to reach the structures Right Turn Slide and Double Wave Slide. For the musical and visual details to top it off, there is a Drum Panel where kids can play, and Lotus Toppers for decoration.