Jungle Climber


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It truly is a jungle out there with the Jungle Climber! This unique jungle designed climber will make any play structure come to life with fun and adventure. The strong and durable plastic that makes up the climber is molded to look like an intricately detailed, fun jungle scene. The climber is made to look like a leafy tree with a multitude of friendly jungle animals that are peeking through the foliage. The climbing holes are skillfully places around the climber so that are are easily accessible for children both big and small. This means that all children will be able to easily reach the climbing holes and climb effortlessly up the climber. As they climb, children will love saying hi to the friendly parrot, elephant, tiger, and snake that embellish the climber.  Use the Jungle Climber to add a bit of life to your play structure. Children will love it!