Kings Carousel

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Product Type: Merry-Go-Rounds
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity: 1-6
Fall Height: 12″
Safety Zone: 17′ 5″ x 17′ 5″



Every child can be treated like royalty on the Kings Carousel. Mimicking a renaissance crown, the Kings Carousel creates two distinctly defined riding areas: inside and outside the central ring. The disc in the center provides a fun area for children to experience the relative stillness as the world spins by at the fulcrum. The outside of the floating circle provides a ready hand hold for children to grip as they ride on the blurring edges of the structure. The squarely arched pipes of the steel structure, are powder coat painted in your choice of metal colors. Create a quintessential king’s crown of Sunglow Yellow or choose a smattering of our metal colors to make a rainbow that spins. No matter the choice, children will be able to play together while engaging in their emerging social skills to further enrich the fun that they are having together.


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