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This Lantern Post is a simple way for hanging lanterns, bird feeders, or anything else easily. It has so many potential uses that you will likely continue to find more even after it is installed.  It has a simple hook that makes it easy to attach and detach hanging objects whenever they need to be refilled. The hook is made from 11 gauge steel, making it extremely sturdy even though it’s thin. The rest of the post is made from steel piping with an impressive 2-3/8“ outer diameter. The post is planted directly into the ground making installation simple. These posts are also very inexpensive, making it easy and cheap to place several of them along pathways, allowing you to illuminate the whole trail with lanterns. During the daytime, the lanterns can be replaced by ropes or light chains to ‘fence off’ the pathway and prevent guests from wandering onto the grass or getting off of the trails.