Maximum Series 4-feet Rock Hole Climber


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The Maximum Series 4-feet Rock Hole Climber is a playground climbing component which imitates the appearance and texture of actual stones. This makes it look like a natural formation, rather than a man-made climber. It has a large number of small steps with flat tops that make them easy to climb. The amount of steps, and their closeness to each other, enable children of all ages to climb this component without too much difficulty. It even has a small tunnel which runs through the middle of the climber, which is large enough for young children to crawl through it. This essentially makes it two obstacles in one, and children will love exploring and playing with this versatile climbing structure. The rotationally molded plastic material which makes up the Maximum Series 4-feet Rock Hole Climber is highly durable, and can be ordered in a number of exciting colors, including natural shades that resemble real rocks.