Maximum Series 5-feet Rock Hole Climber


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The Maximum Series 5-feet Rock Hole Climber is a cleverly designed playground component which doubles as a climbing structure and a tunnel. This makes it a versatile piece which children will love to incorporate into their playtime. Wherever their imaginary adventures take them, this climber provides a perfect setting. The bottom two steps of the climber are made to look like small fortifications that have been worn away by time. These realistic details add to the impressive appearance of this structure and its potential for pretend journeys. The tunnel that runs through it is significantly larger than that of the 4-feet Rock Hole Climber, making it much easier for older kids to use it. It is made from high quality rotationally molded plastic which is incredibly sturdy and retains its color even after years  of sun exposure. There is a wonderful selection of different color options for this piece which are available when finalizing the details of your play system.