Maximum Series Car Panel


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The Maximum Series Car Panel is an activity panel which encourages children to play creatively. The front of the panel is realistically molded to resemble the front end of an actual car, complete with a hood, headlights, and a clear plastic window. On the other side of the panel there is a realistic dashboard, complete with a steering wheel that actually turns. Kids love acting out imaginary ‘jobs’ like this, and will enjoy pretending to be in control of an entire car. Best of all, any number of other kids can pretend to be passengers on the car, making this an activity that can occupy huge groups of children while encouraging them to have fun and play together. Since many of them ride a car to school every day, a car is a familiar setting for children, who will instantly be able to understand and relate to it.  The Maximum Series Car Panel is a simple activity that will be enjoyed by children on any playground where it is installed.