Maximum Series Covered Bones Bridge


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The Maximum Series Covered Bones Bridge is a playground bridge with a charming and whimsical design. It has a flat walkway covered by a separate canopy. The walkway and canopy are each made of separate plastic pieces in an alternating color pattern that give them a highly decorative appearance. Any pair of colors can be chosen form among our extensive list of options, allowing you to customize the bridge so that is stands out while blending in with the rest of your play system’s color scheme. The canopy makes the bridge pleasantly shady, and it is wide enough for kids to stay on it for a while without blocking off the pathway. A series of unobtrusively thin metal bars hold up the canopy, while keeping the edges of the pathway safe. The Maximum Series Covered Bones Bridge can be set between any two deck pieces with an equal height, allowing kids to move over or under it.