Maximum Series Craggy Climber with Ladder


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The Maximum Series Craggy Climber with Ladder is an impressive climber which allows children to scale a highly detailed rock wall to reach the upper deck of your play structure. It is made up of one Craggy Climber End Section, one Craggy Climber Turn Section, and a metal ladder. The ladder is a nice addition, since it offers a quicker and easier way for children to climb the structure without having to make their way all the way up the rock wall. This alleviates some traffic on crowded playgrounds and also makes it easier for young kids to make it to the top.  The Craggy Climber pieces have a realistic and detailed appearance which resembles a natural outcropping of rocks, with convenient plastic hand grips spaced all over their surfaces. The walls are two-sided, which doubles the number of children who can use them at once.