Maximum Series Incline Uncovered Bones Bridge


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The Maximum Series Incline Uncovered Bones Bridge is a slanted playground bridge which can be used to link two deck platforms which are elevated at different heights. For those looking to connect two decks of the same height, straight bones bridges are also available. The floor of this bridge is made from colorful plastic panels in an alternating color pattern. These pieces can be given nearly any color pair imaginable, allowing you to customize its bright and stripy appearance. Each of the panels has raised lines on it, which help to create traction so that no child will slip, despite the inclined angle of the bridge. The bridge has a convenient metal handrail on each side, which makes it safer while giving kids a secure place to hold onto as they cross. The bars are made from durable metal, but have plenty of space between them to allow shorter kids to see through them without having to look over the railing.