Maximum Series Pea Pod Climber


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The Maximum Series Pea Pod Climber is a simple climbing piece which combines the best aspects of metal and plastic climbers. It has a sturdy metal frame made from galvanized steel, which clamps directly to a pair of 4.5-inch support posts. This makes it incredibly sturdy, and capable of resisting most possible forms of damage. It also has four plastic steps with a colorful appearance and an oblong shape. These steps each have bumps on each side that provide extra traction to prevent a child’s foot from slipping. The vertical beam that runs between the steps also provides a perfect place for children to hold onto as they climb, allowing them to feel more stable and comfortable as they climb.  Since the Maximum Series Pea Pod Climber has only four steps, it can be completed quickly and easily by kids who are eager to reach the play system’s next attraction.