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581-638 8′ modern bipod swing

Which is better, metal or wood swing sets?

A metal swing set is more durable than a wooden one. A wooden swing set doesn’t last as long as a metal swing set which is not good playground equipment for a park and wood swing sets may take long to construct and can be quite costly.

When should I buy a swing set?

While most kids and parents alike associate the carefree fun of playing on a swing set with the summertime, playsets are actually fun year-round. In fact, late fall and early winter can be the best time to buy a swing set.

Do playsets lower property value?

In most cases, adding a playset to your property will not make a difference to your property taxes nor will it trigger a reassessment of your property’s value. Most regulations do not consider playsets to be permanent structures.

What is the best swing set?

Basically you have residential, commercial, steel and wood. I like my stuff to last a lifetime, so I choose to pay a little more for quality. The heavier duty, the better. I choose galvanized steel over wood. Powder coating is okay too. The other thing I want is to swing high and I don’t want the unit to jump, so it is important to put the legs in concrete. As I always say, you get what you pay for.


  • The swing legs are 13 gauge 2 3/8” O.D. and the top rail for the standard Modern swings are
    13 gauge 2 3/8” O.D.
  • The top rail for the heavy duty Modern swings are 8 gauge 3 1⁄2”
    O.D.  Both are produced in a patented in-line triple zinc flo-coating process that
    provides a smooth shiny uniform appearance with up to 25% greater corrosion
    resistance than galvanized schedule 40 pipe with greater strength and lighter
    weight for comparable sizes.
  • Swing end and center fittings are fabricated from 7 gauge 2 7/8” O.D. flo-coated
    tubing coated with powder-coated paint.
  • Standard swing hangers are a stamped steel split clamp with ductile hanger and
    bronze bearings. Heavy Duty Hangers (optional) shall be galvanized ductile iron with
    oil impregnated bronze bearings.
  • Chains are hot dip galvanized 4/0 chain link. Material diameter is .218 inches.
    Nominal inside link dimensions 1.29” x .38” with a working load limit of 670 pounds.
    Swing seats are 6” x 31.5 x .25”” molded rubber with steel plate inserts.
  • The hardware is zinc coated, including the S-Hooks shall be 3/8” O.D., 3” long zinc coated.
  • Additional bays available.


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