Monkey Topper


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Add a bit of life to your play structure by choosing to accessorize with the Monkey Topper. The topper is a great way to add that decorative flair that will completely revitalize your play structure. Made out of material that is strong and durable, this monkey will watch over and see what all the monkeys do in their play. The topper is designed and molded to look like a realistic monkey that is gripping a tree branch. The smiling monkey on the topper is welcoming and invites children to come and play on the play structure. Use this topper to, not only accessorize your play structure, but to transform it into a wild and fun jungle. Children’s imaginations will be captivated and captured as they monkey around, pretending they are on a jungle adventure. The Monkey Topper is a great choice to accessorize, decorate, and bring to life your play structure!