Multi Tree Topper


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You can add multiple lays of fun and flair to any play structure with the Multi Tree Topper! The topper is made out of material that is strong and durable. A pole attaches to the top of the play structure and leads up to a topper that is molded to look like a treetop with layers of leaves. Branching off of this pole are three bent rods that stick out. Each of these rods is crowned with identically molded treetop toppers. The design and mold of the leaves make it so that rain water can easily run off of the topper. Sitting puddles of rain water on toppers and roofs can be detrimental to the play structure, so the design of this topper helps to protect again that. Children will love how this topper transforms ordinary play structures into playful forests. The Multi Tree Topper is a great choice to accessorize your play structure with.