No Shortcuts Fitness Course

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Age Range:
13 years +
Product Type:
Fitness Course
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31′ x 17′
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The No Shortcuts fitness course includes eight individual fitness devices which offer a complete workout which focuses on a variety of different areas. The Quad Station Warm-Up is the perfect place to start, since it offers four different warm-up activities at once, preparing all parts of the body for more strenuous exercises to come. The Single Station Fit Rider is also great for stretching out leg and lower body muscles. The Single Station Country Skier and Double Station Sky Walker offer elegant ways to exercise those muscles while moving in place. For more advanced workouts that focus on building up muscle, there is a Double Station Chest Press, Double Station Lat Pulldown, and Double Station Leg Press, as well as a Single Station Sit Up Bench. These pieces can be adjusted and arranged in any pattern to create your ultimate fitness course.