Octagon Rolled Edge Portable Picnic Table with Perforated Steel



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The geometric design of the Octagon Rolled Portable Picnic Table makes it easier to access than other table designs, since it has no extended corners to block entry, and the rounded seats make it easier to slide right in. The rolled seat shape also makes them more comfortable for patrons’ overhanging legs. The specialized coating is UV and fade resistant will ensure that any color you choose from our plentiful selection of custom color options will be certain to last. This protective coating also does not peel, or get too hot or too cold, ensuring that the Octagon Rolled Edge Portable Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern will be well-adjusted to any possible outdoor conditions. The table comes in two ADA options – 3 seats with one accessible side, or 2 seats with two accessible sides. Removing the 3rd or 4th seats makes it easier for those with wheelchairs to reach the table.