Octagon Rolled Nexus Pedestal Table with Diamond Pattern



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The Octagon Rolled Nexus Pedestal Table with Diamond Pattern is an attractive and sturdy outdoor table with a wide range of customizable features to choose from. Its durable metal frame is protected by a layer of protective material that shields it against the elements, including rain, snow and excessive heat during the summer. The coating can be given a large range of different colors, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. For even more protection and color options, ask about our Extreme Finish coating, which comes with several additional color options as well as a seven year warranty. The table even has different mounting options to choose from, with both in-ground and surface mounting to allow you to permanently install this table onto nearly any available surface with ease. There are also ADA accessible models available, which accommodate wheelchair-bound guests by removing one or two of the seats to allow space for the chairs to pull right up to the table.