Octagon Rolled Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel



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The Octagon Rolled Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel has cleverly designed features which make it both sturdy and comfortable for guests to sit in. The first of these, as the name suggests, is its rolled seats. These bench seats have rounded edges which make them particularly comfortable on the users’ legs, and also give them a pleasant visual design. Each of these four benches are separate from each other, making them easier to get in and out of and leaving plenty of space for each guest, so that everyone remains comfortable. The Nexus design gives each of these chairs its own sturdy support post, making them highly stable and independently strong. The Perforated Steel material which is used in the seats and table top is highly durable and built to withstand large amounts of structural stress. They even have a protective coating which keeps it free from rust and corrosion and can be colored according to your specifications.