Perforated Steel Ash Urn



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The Perforated Steel Ash Urn is a convenient ashtray designed to help keep your outdoor area clean and sanitary. If they are offered an ashtray such as this one, guests will be much less likely to simply litter their cigarette butts on the ground. Additionally, a layer of sand at the bottom of the ashtray can ensure that the cigarette butts are fully extinguished, which helps to reduce the smell as well as the risk of a fire starting. The ashtray dish of this structure is sufficiently deep and wide enough to allow plenty of waste to be discarded, which prevents it from having to be emptied and refilled too many times. The tray even has a large metal base which elevates the tray above the reach of children and small animals who might tip it over. The base is made from perforated steel which is sturdy, yet lightweight, keeping it from filling up with water.