Pick N Play Straight Rung Vertical Ladder



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Age Range:
5-12 years
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The Pick N Play Straight Rung Vertical Ladder is a simple piece which makes a great addition to any Pick N Play Structure. It has a socket at its top which makes it easy to attach to any side of a Pick N Play center post, along with three other attachments. This simple ladder has flat rungs which are easy for children to balance and step on. Since there are only five rungs, this is an easy challenge which can be completed by almost any school-aged child. This means that it will not exhaust the children, and that it is not so tall that it becomes potentially dangerous. It narrows toward the top of the structure, which discourages children from playing recklessly on the highest rungs. A great advantage of this particular component is that it is so simple and accessible that it makes a great complement for more complicated and challenging Pick N Play pieces.