Pixel Half Zag



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The Pixel Half Zag is a medium-sized upright climber which uses two upright pixel climbers. This creates a large vertical climbing surface for kids to move around. This is half of the Pixel Zigzag climber, offering the same sort of climbing experience with a reduced size and price tag. The vertical orientation of the climbing panels also conveniently saves a large amount of space, greatly reducing the Use Zone of the structure. The zag shape adds some interesting variance to the children’s climbing experience, which makes it more interesting. Since the climbing panels are double-sided, kids can choose between a climbing surface that angles inwardly, or a more challenging one which angles outwardly. This also means that there will be plenty of area for climbing, allowing the Pixel Half Zag to accommodate several children at once. The structure is ideally suited for children ages 5 to 12.