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Pour-in-Place Rubber Playground Surfacing
Are you looking for a safe, accessible, beautiful, and low-maintenance surfacing solution for your local community playground? PlaygroundEquipment.com has a great way to make your play surface safe: poured-in-place playground surfacing. This product is composed of fine rubber particles applied in two layers for maximum safety. The top layer of the pour-in-place rubber surface is a color layer made of EPDM particles, and the bottom layer is made with bulkier rubber scraps that provide shock absorption.
This type of surfacing is a more attractive option for communities looking to save on maintenance fees and other long-term costs. Unlike mulch, sand, and loose-fill rubber, poured-in-place playground surfacing will not need to be raked and replenished. The poured-in-place option is a long-term solution that offers safety, ADA accessibility, and many different unique color and design options. A poured rubber playground surface can be a welcome addition to a local community playground, public or commercial park, or kid-friendly space for years to come.
Poured Rubber Playground Surface Features

Accessible: Our pour-in-place rubber is ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible, helping you to provide a fun space for everyone.
Customizable: You can buy a poured-in-place rubber playground surface in many colors, allowing for an unlimited design potential.
Adaptable: This surfacing solution can be tailored to suit almost any space, no matter the shape. It’s usable for both indoor and outdoor play spaces.
Safe: The double-layered poured-in-place playground surfacing protects children from falls of up to 12 feet.
Affordable: Over the long term, the poured rubber playground surface cost is quite affordable because it eliminates many of the maintenance costs of other types of safety surfaces.

How Much Does Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing Cost?
Several factors will affect the cost of poured-in-place surfacing, including the size of the area, the condition of the existing surface, and fall height requirements. Request a free quote to get an estimate of the cost per square foot for your project.
Why Buy a Poured Rubber Playground Surface Here?
Though we have many different commercial-grade playground surfacing options for sale, our two-layer poured-in-place rubber surfacing has been a favorite with many of our customers due to its sustainability, safety, and durability. This poured-in-place rubber product has an infinite amount of design possibilities; this type of material can even be designed in a way that matches your other playground equipment!
Buying poured rubber playground surfacing is a smart choice, and so is choosing to do business with PlaygroundEquipment.com: We’re experts in play, and our low prices, professional installation, and stellar service are second to none. If you want to learn more about our poured-in-place surfacing, feel free to call us today at 1-800-667-0097, fill out our online form, or find a local representative. Before you buy pour-in-place rubber surfacing, we’ll want to discuss your current playground area at your park, school or other location and how this poured playground surface can best meet your needs. Get a free quote today!