Rectangular Portable Picnic Table with Perforated Steel

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The Rectangular Portable Picnic Table with Perforated Steel is a sturdy and versatile amenity with a broad range of customizable features which make it ideal for any park or outdoor area where people might want to sit or eat. It is available in a range of different lengths, including four-foot, six-foot, eight-foot, and ten-foot lengths (although the ten-foot long table is actually a pair of five-foot tables securely bolted together). With the eight-foot length, it can even be given a 2-foot long overhang on each of its ends, which allows wheelchair users to comfortably pull right up to the table. The surface of the table top and seats are coated with a durable and protective thermoplastic layer, which doesn’t fade or peel, and can be ordered in a wide variety of exciting color options.  This coating keeps the metal components from rusting or corroding, so that the table can stay outside year-round without risk of being damaged.