Round Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel



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The Round Nexus Pedestal Table with Perforated Steel has a circular top with a 46 inch radius that leaves plenty of room for all kinds of activities, or large meals. And since it has four seats with at least a two-person capacity each, there is plenty of room for the whole family. What sets the Nexus Pedestal Tables apart from our other Pedestal Picnic Tables is the added support posts underneath each of its seats. These make the seats much more durable and resistant to bending, while fortifying the structure of the entire picnic table as well. The seats are spaced a reasonable distance away from the center of the table to offer everyone plenty of leg room, and since they are separated, getting in and out of them is simple and does not require anyone else to move. The table even has a specialized coating that prevents rust and helps to control its temperature.