Royal Double Station Fit Rider

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Model Number:

Age Range:
13 years +
Product Type:
Royal Double
Unit Size:
5′ 6" x 5′ 6"
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The Qitele Royal Fit Rider Station is a total body workout for adults. The Fit Rider allows people to ride their way to health without having to go to a boring gym or do it all alone in their basement. The Royal Fit Rider Station can be used by two people at once and this means having company for a fitness workout. The Royal Fit Rider Station is made specifically for outdoor use, and has features such as galvanized steel and more to protect it from rust due to moisture and other weather elements. The Royal Fit Rider Station works by a user sitting on the seat, pushing down by with legs, which results in straightening the users body. The Royal Fit Rider Station is a great addition for community centers, neighborhoods, parks, trails, and more. Redesign your outdoor area for adults with the Royal Fit Rider Station.