Royal Double Station Pendulum Swing



Model Number:

Age Range:
13 years +
Product Type:
Royal Double
Unit Size:
3′ x 5′ 1"
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Who does not love toned abs and a beautiful body? Of course, everyone does. However, very often, people cannot carry on with their exercise regimen either because it is too tough or because they do not have a partner to cheer them on. Qitele fitness equipment will take care of both the elements. The Qitele Royal Pendulum Swing Station is perfect to tone the abdominal muscles and burn extra calories. Two people can use the Royal Pendulum Swing Station simultaneously, which means people can use it with their partners. When you install the Royal Pendulum Swing Station in your facility, you can be rest assured you will get a lot of kudos and compliments from all. The equipment comes powder-coated as shown and surface mount.