Rubber Mulch Nuggets (2,000 pound bag)

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Rubber Playground Mulch
Rubber playground mulch is one of the safest and most durable loose fill playground surface options available. This product is great for more long-term use than other organic products, and it provides excellent fall protection to help keep your playground safe. This rubber safety surfacing comes in loose flakes or “nuggets” and provides much of the safety of natural mulch with fewer drawbacks. Place this mulch where children may be liable to fall, like around a slide or set of monkey bars. This rubber play surface can help to ensure that any falls do not result in serious injuries.

Schools that choose this as their rubber play surface will be doing something for the environment; this product is made of 100% recycled rubber scrap tires.
The rubber surfacing is non-toxic, odor-free, and non-staining.
It’s weather-resistant. This product does not decompose or easily blow away with weathering. Also, the tire material is water-resistant, so there’s excellent drainage.
Rubber playground mulch does not breed or attract insects or molds like wood fiber mulch or other organic options.
It comes with six different color options: natural black, cypress tan, cocoa brown, terracotta red, royal blue, and forest green. You can also mix colors (such as black and another color). To develop a custom order, please contact a representative.

If you intend to buy this rubber mulch, we at recommend that you purchase a border containment system as well. After installing your border equipment, the mulch installation process is easy. Just pour and rake into place. Note that this product is delivered in one-ton super sacks. These large bags can be lifted by the delivery truck, but they require a forklift for unloading. If you do not have access to a forklift, you may want to purchase this item in 50 individual 40-pound bags.
Rubber safety surfacing typically requires far less maintenance than organic options. With the installation of a proper border system, this surface will often not require yearly replacement. The product will require occasional but not constant replenishment, depending on area and the level of play. Save on your maintenance fees with this durable and reliable playground surface.
We have many different playground surfacing options for sale. To find which one is right for your community’s commercial or public play space, feel free to call us at 1-800-667-0097 or use our online chat feature. Request a quote today!
While we try to provide the best possible customer surface, we cannot accept returns on mulch products. Attention: we are not able to process returns of any rubber mulch surfacing products. ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL.