Rubber Nuggets 2,000 pound (50 Individual 40 lb Bags)

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Playground rubber nuggets offer durability unlike other loose fill surfaces such as wood fiber as it will not break down, is non-toxic, non-staining, and a variety of other benefits. Rubber nuggets offer excellent fall protection, meaning a child is less likely to be severely injured from a fall. This mulch is sold as fifty individually wrapped bags, each weighing 40 pounds. For custom orders of mixed colors or black and colored mulch, please contact customer service or your local representative. The individual bags are prefect for fixing washout areas, replenishment purposes, or other reasons. One great thing about rubber mulch is if properly contained you will not need to replace the surface annually like wood fiber. We recommend any new surface be accompanied with some type of border such as rubber curbs or plastic timbers. Adding properly installed borders prevents need for constant replacement and will keep your rubber nugget investment working for your benefit for years to come. Colors include the following: Natural Black (unpainted), Cocoa Brown, Cypress Tan, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Terracotta Red.
Customers should understand that since we cannot recollect surfacing materials for returns, ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL. Mulch over your decision carefully, as we do not accept returns on rubber nugget products.